Join Laura Goodman, international police advisor and advocate for women in law enforcement, in supporting Bob Fletcher for Sheriff


Why I’m Voting for Bob Fletcher for Sheriff

By Laura Goodman

This is a critical election for Ramsey County Sheriff

Ramsey County residents need a sheriff who will adapt to the changing times in policing, someone who is knowledgeable about the crisis in our county jail, a leader who understands how to respond to our diverse cultures, and a professional with the experience who will ensure public safety is a priority.

Bob Fletcher views conflict and new ideas like an authentic leader—one who continually commits to their own learning, has the unique ability to not let ego get in the way of doing what is right, and who empowers personnel in the department to be better. Being authentic as a leader is hard work and takes years of experience in management roles. After several discussions with Bob Fletcher and the current appointed sheriff, it became clear to me that of the two candidates, Bob Fletcher has the self-awareness, confidence, and character to be the kind of sheriff the residents of Ramsey County deserve.

Bob Fletcher has the courage to seek and provide the resources that are necessary to ensure our correctional officers are safe and to provide training to staff so inmates get the help that they need while incarcerated and when released from jail. Bob Fletcher is an engaged civic leader who is not afraid to question others to ensure that safety in the Ramsey County Adult Detention Center is realized.

Bob Fletcher will listen to constituents and is open to new ideas on how to make the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office effective in these challenging times. I’m voting for Bob Fletcher because he has the knowledge, skills, character, and abilities to be a sheriff for all of Ramsey County.

Please join me in voting for Bob Fletcher for Ramsey County Sheriff.

Laura Goodman is a retired deputy chief of police, former Minneapolis police sergeant, and former ombudsman for crime victims. She also served as a sheriff’s deputy for Ramsey County.


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